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    This system shows you the simple tricks to trigger uncontrollable sexual desire in ANY woman you want. (It's the ONLY rejection-proof System on the planet that guarantees the women you desire will come after YOU.)

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    All of Adam's wisdom jam-packed into fun-to-watch videos that you can download immediately, and start watching within seconds of completing your order. Once you watch the videos, the Kinetic Attraction system will be hard-wired into your brain. You'll be ready to use it on the first woman you see to trigger uncontrollable attraction and desire, and have her approach YOU... no matter what you look like or how old you are.

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    These strictly blacklist body language secrets have been kept from the public for years, but our body language expert gives them to you here in the exclusive Body Language Academy. These videos expose controversial body language techniques and insider confessions from real women about what body language makes them attracted the most. They are only $24.95 per week, billed monthly, and you will only be charged if you decide to stay past the 14 day trial period.

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$69.95 Kinetic Attraction - The Make Her Approach You Video System
INCLUDED The F@ck Buddy Formula - Turn Any Girl Into A Casual
F@ck Buddy
INCLUDED Take Her Breath Away- Approach Any Girl Without
Getting Rejected
INCLUDED Touch Her S-Spot: Explosive Squirting Orgasms That Get
Her Addicted To You
INCLUDED Sexual Texting - These Innocent Words Make Her Horny
INCLUDED Conversational Confidence - Never Run Out Of Things
To Say On A Date Again

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Five Stars

Friend zone is HISTORY! thank you

By Carlos Z. on 5/20/2017
Verified Purchase

I just had to write to you personally and thank you for Kinetic Attraction. It's rare that something you buy works better than advertised, so yeah. I'm blown away.

I used Kinetic Attraction to get the only girl I've ever really wanted. I have a friend using Kinetic Attraction and he's basically getting laid by a different girl every weekend now, but that wasn't for me. I really wanted Karen, my best friend.

Karen and I have been nothing BUT friends since we met 5 years ago. I wanted to date her, but she would have none of it. She said she "loved my friendship" and thought of me as "an older brother." That's nice, but it sucks too, you know?

I tried everything: even bought this "hypnotize her" product and it did absolutely nothing. Then I tried Kinetic Attraction, and literally the FIRST TIME I used Adam's "Friends To F Buddy" Technique, I watched a look come over her face I never thought I'd see.

I've seen her turned on, by other men, so I know that look. And this time she was looking AT ME. I literally didn't say more than 10 words. it was all like Adam said, in the body language and eye contact.

It was her idea to start dating, and I "reluctantly" agreed (of course I was playing it cool.) And we just had sex for the first time last week. I used your Touch Her S-Spot bonus to TOTALLY rock her world. She's hooked! texting me several times a day, sending me naked pics, and she's already saying that she may be "in love". THANK YOU!

Five Stars

How An Ugly Indian Like Me Gets More White Pussy Than A College Athlete

By Pranay G. Palo Alto
Verified Purchase

As an Indian guy living in America, dating is a big challenge. American women don't tend to go for my type. My parents are very traditional people and have been pushed the whole arranged marriage thing for awhile. They were arranged and they wanted me to follow in their footsteps. But that's not gonna happen anymore. They kicked me out of the house because of Kinetic Attraction.

Basically, I got tired of jerking off, being shot down at bars and not meeting anyone. That's when I found your video, bought the course and got caught bringing a girl back to the house that same night. I snuck her in downstairs through the back door and my parents heard us. The next day, I was told to pack my bags and find my own place on campus because I "disrespected tradition." Whatever I don't care because now I can bring back... "all the sweet pussy I can handle?" :-)

Five Stars

It's Just Like Having A Pussy Magnet!

By Christopher P. New York. NY
Verified Purchase

I can't turn this thing off now but for the longest time I was in a drought. I'm talkin' about 6 months man. It was horrible. I thought my dick was gonna shrivel up and die. I would choke left and right at the bars. I'd approach girls, even ugly fat chicks and get turned down. Horrible. Just horrible. Then I saw your ad on some site and bought K.A. I figured screw it. I had nothing to lose. And now I've got my buddies begging me to show them what I'm doing. They can't figure it out. It's like a river of vagina every time I go out. I can't turn it off. I might have to stop doin the honey trap trick you talk about. Or maybe I should show them? What do you think Frank? Anyways - thanks

Four Stars

I think Kinetic Attraction is too powerful

By Danny C. on 7/13/2017
Verified Purchase

Before you buy this product, you should know how much power you're about to possess.

Seriously! This is best investment I've ever made and the results were pretty quick and I thought I'd never hear myself saying this but getting girls became easy. Trust me, I'm not complaining! lol

But here's something they don't tell you... when watching the training videos some of these techniques wind up in your subconscious where you can't shut them off.

So imagine my surprise when I accidentally used the "Sex God Tilt" on our receptionist. I didn't even mean to do it, it just kind of happened on its own. She started coming onto me and after a little while, she was regularly coming back to my house for a little after work fun.

Five Stars

Thought I Was Washed Up After My Divorce... & Now I'm Getting Laid Like A Rock Star!

I was married for 7 years and suddenly found myself divorced. I lost my money and my mojo. Actually my mojo was gone a long time before that.  I was 115 lbs overweight and not prepared for the dating world at all.  I tried a few other courses that promised me success, but they didn't work for me.

Your course changed my life.  I had my first success after watching your course.  The best part was I didn't need to memorize lines or other fake material like in the other courses.  I've dated 4 women and the one I'm with now really seems like a keeper.  Without the confidence I got from the success I had first time out using your system, I would have stuck with the first women that would have taken me (that's how I ended up married to the wrong person).   Instead, I feel like I can pick and choose and have whatever women I want.  Thanks for putting this together.

Five Stars

I used to freeze when talking to women... Now THEY do all the talking!

I've always been the shy type.  And when I was young, I relied a lot of my looks to attract women.  Well, 20 years later and 50 pounds heavier, and it's a lot harder.

I hate going out and meeting women, because when it comes to talking I would literally FREEZE up.  I would stand there, my mind totally blank and I would have no idea what to talk about.

Now I know this stuff doesn't really matter and if you have the right NON-VERBALS (you'll know what I'm talking about in the very first chapter of the program)... You realize it has nothing to do with what you talk about, and even super boring topics like the weather, or work, or whatever... Will turn her on.

Here's what I mean: I walked into a local Barnes and Noble last friday, and immediately spotted a smoking hot brunette with the biggest boobs I've ever seen (and YES they turned out to be 100% real and natural)... And instead of walking up to her and making a total fool of myself like I've done in the past, I simply got a table in her line of sight, and just sat and positioned my hips, and my head just like Adam shows you in the videos...

And sure enough I noticed she started making eye contact with me.  Once... Twice, (and instead of staring back like a fool, I used Adam's eye contact trick) The third time she looked over, she immediately walked over and introduced herself.

The great thing is, when a woman approaches you, she does all the work.  You just sit back and let her make all the moves.  Well long story short, she invited me back to her apartment "to help move her TV" ...  20 minutes later I'm f@#king her in the kitchen from behind...

So thanks Adam and Frank!

Five Stars

Hitting More Pussy Than My Bros!

By Walter Scott

I'm gonna be honest, bruv. I don't make proper money and I all my cash goes to rent, food, and the occasional video game. I decided to get this instead of the new Fifa 17 and it was the best decision I ever made. My friends were taking the piss out of me for spending my money on a system to get girls, but after I bagged this hot blonde broad from my job, they're now asking me to borrow it. Sorry bruvs, won't allow it! Haha

Four Stars

Watch Kinetic Attraction Just Once & It Will Change Your Dating Life Forever

A few months ago, fresh from traumatic break-up, I was back in the dating game and still utterly clueless. I began to look for books and advice on getting women but I found a lot of the advice was unrealistic marketing crap that was designed to lure you in with a great sales pitch but the content was awful. Common sense rubbish I could have found in a Men's Health magazine.

Anyway, I gave up on seeking any advice and tried to figure it out myself. I used a combination of online dating sites, dating apps and even convinced one of my married friends to come out with me on Saturday night and be a wingman whilst I tried to talk to women. Whilst I got a few dates out of this, they weren't with the type of quality women I wanted a relationship with. I finally did manage to score one beautiful woman I was head over heels with. We hit it off well and everything was going great on the date. Well, so I thought. Nothing physical happened on the date but I thought to myself, I want to play it safe with this girl because she's a keeper. The next day I messaged her to thank her for the great date, I got no response. I thought maybe she was just busy. I sent her another message a days later. Still no response. I was really bummed out!

Not to be deterred, I got back to the dating game but things weren't getting any easier. To be honest, it was a struggle. I'm a decent looking guy with a good job and I like to think of myself as being a nice guy. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a decent girl interested in me.

I was happy to discover Kinetic Attraction.  Once a hopeless loser with women, Kinetic Attraction has opened my eyes to understanding women and what attracts them. I was definitely going into dating blind. I don't understand why this knowledge is not taught to us men earlier in life.

If you've got trouble in your dating life or struggle to get the quality of women you want, I can't recommend Kinetic Attraction enough.

Five Stars

Divorced Dad Plays The Field & Then Finds Love

Believe it or not, my daughter bought this book for her old man after my divorce. She hated seeing me all alone while her mom had clearly moved on. Kinetic Attraction is like being handed a set of keys to a new life. At first I had a bit of fun with it and played the casual game which annoyed my daughter when one of the girls I had in my bedroom was in her history class. As much as I enjoyed playing the field, I found my soul mate in Anne. She's beautiful and the women I dreamed of, even when I was with my ex wife. Thanks Frank and Adam for your priceless advice.

Five Stars

I'm 69 years old... Women Approach me... I'm PROOF This stuff works

The best part about Kinetic Attraction is how it KILLS the myth that rich good looking guys get all the girls.

It proves without a doubt that what women want is a TRUE Alpha Male: The 1% of men who sleep with 99% of the women...

The best way for a woman to know you're an Alpha is not how much money you have, not your looks... I mean let's face it, there's some rich guys out there who are totally hopeless with women.

But kinetic attraction "hijacks" her subconscious mind, and triggers that primal instinct. It's much more powerful than I imagined.

When I found your video I was like "this sounds good, but probably a bunch of marketing hype."  I was so intrigued I got the product anyway.

And it really works.  Literally, just from watching the intro video, so many lightbulbs went off.  And I realized I've been thinking about attraction totally wrong for the last 50 years.

It's not about your looks, its not about money, and it's DEFINITELY not about what you say (Women already know most guys can LIE, so words don't matter much at all)

What it IS about -- is non-verbal CUES (or triggers, as I like to call them) that communicate to women on a SUBCONSCIOUS level that make her see you as the ALPHA -- the one guy she needs to have sex with -- right then and there, if possible.

The crazy thing is, once a woman sees you as the "ALPHA", then you get sexual priority over everyone else in her life -- the rich guys, the personal trainers, the musicians, even her husband if she's married.  It's really eye opening.

Five Stars

Me gusta!

By Cristían Camacho on 5/22/2017
Verified Purchase

Dis is the best sistema for meeting women that I ever seen. My English is no bueno but it don't matter because I don't need to say a word. I decided to get Kinetic Attraction after watching the video and it just made sense. I dance salsa dancing on the weekend and am always impressed when I see one guy who can make women come to him without saying anything. Then I saw your video and… ay dios mio! I get it now.

I also like how the videos in the program make it easy to understand how to do. I watch the whole program in one night, and the next day, I go to my school and see a girl that I really like. So I use the kino trick on her, the one where you use the head nod and she approaches you. Well I did it and it worked! That was 3 weeks ago and she is mi girlfriend now. (I still use Kinetic Attraction on other girls but I don't tell her because I no want to break her heart.)

Gracias mi amigo por todo! Estas THE MAN!

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